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3 Signs Your Car Mirrors Are Failing | Loud Voiced

3 Signs Your Car Mirrors Are Failing

Drivers have no idea when the car mirror are failing. They may have some issues. But they will not be able to figure out if it needs to be replaced. In this post, we have listed some useful tips and signs to help you know when the car mirrors are failing.

1. Auto Dimming Issue

It is one of the most obvious signs that your passenger side mirror or driver side view mirror has failed. When the auto dimming feature is not working, it happens because the sensors located at the back of the mirror may be off. You have to clean them and make sure the glass is not scratched. And if after all this the mirror is not working, it has failed. You should now replace the car mirror with a new one. 

2. Discoloration Problem

Here comes another sign which tells that the passenger side mirror or driver side mirror might be failing. Usually when the cars are exposed to sunlight, radiations and rain, the color of the review mirror is distorted. For this, the drivers should clean the mirror with care by using a piece of cloth. If the color is still the same, it is a sign that your mirror must be changed as it has failed. 

3. No Review Mirror 

Review mirror is very important. In accidents, the drivers see the review mirror broken. It should be noted there are laws when it comes to review mirror. Many states make it mandatory to have a review mirror. So in such a case, you should replace the car mirror because the review mirror is broken. 

How to Adjust Side Mirrors?

Below are tips that will help you adjust the side mirrors of your car.

1. Sit in the Driver Seat

First thing is that you should sit on the driver seat when it comes to adjusting the mirrors. It will help you have a clear view of where the mirrors should be adjusted for your comfort.

2. Gently Adjust the Review Mirror

Now you have to gently adjust the review mirror. This mirror helps you view from the back and vehicle coming.

3. Locate the Buttons 

After setting the review mirror, you should now move to the buttons of the mirrors. With these buttons, you will have to adjust both the mirrors. So learn how the buttons work.

4. Set Driver Side Mirror First

It is advised that drivers should first adjust the mirror on the driver side. For this purpose, make use of the buttons and adjust the mirror according to your comfort. 

5. Now Adjust the Other Mirror

After setting the driver side mirror, now you should set the mirror on the passenger side. 

6. Check all the Mirror at the End 

Once you are done with everything, you should sit on the driver side and feel comfortable. Now you have to check all the mirrors have been positioned rightly. 


The car mirrors usually fail after some time. Various reasons are responsible for this. But the above discussed tips will help the drivers spot when the car mirrors have failed and the tips on how to adjust side mirrors will aid in using them in a better way.

  • August 27, 2019