How to Adjust Your Car’s Mirror?

Your car’s mirrors are paramount to your safety when driving. They let you know about incoming cars from behind and let you know how much space there is for you to make a decision. If your car’s side mirror or rear view mirror isn’t calibrated, then it can create blind spots. These blind spots can turn disastrous. So it is very important that you properly adjust them. 

Adjusting Car’s Mirrors

Those of us with older cars, we have to make the adjustments manually. Meaning that we have to do it by either pressing a switch or by hand. By moving it from one position to another we can find the best angle for the mirrors. Newer models though have an automated feature. These newer models employ cameras and/or radars to find out and determine blindspots. They will automatically scan behind the car and the adjacent lanes. This feature improves road safety vastly. 

Rear View Mirror Adjustment

The rearview mirror’s function is to provide a clear visual of the lane behind you. You need to adjust the rearview mirror in a proper way. You have to make sure that you can see the entire rear window in your natural sitting position from the driver seat. If you have to move to get a clear visual of the back, then the mirrors haven’t been adjusted properly. 

How to Adjust Your Cars Mirror

Many tall drivers experience major blindspots. If you are six feet or taller then you may want to raise the bottom one or two inches. Moving the upper side of the mirror a bit down will help in fixing the blind spots that you are suffering. 

Side Mirror Adjustment

People often think that adjusting the car’ side mirrors by aligning it to the side of the car while holding your head still is how you fix the side mirrors. This is actually a common misconception and should never be followed. This is because when you do this the major blind spots remain and you see a reflection of what you can see on the rearview mirror. So you see you shouldn’t follow this. The proper way to adjust your car’s side mirror is in the following passage. 

First up is the driver side mirror. What you should do first is lean on the window of the car. Then start adjusting the mirror. Make sure you adjust it so that the side of your car is barely visible. Only a sliver of the car’s side should be visible from that position. Now onto the passenger side mirror. You should lean right towards the center console. Then start moving the side view mirror. From this position make sure that you can only see a sliver of the car’s side. When that happens then the mirror has been set properly. If you don’t have automated mirror assistance, then you may need someone to help you with adjusting the passenger side mirror. 

Adjust and Drive

There you go, this is how you adjust your car’s side view and rearview mirror. Make sure you adjust them properly before hitting the road. Your safety is on the line if you don’t.

  • July 2, 2019