How to Know Your Heater Control Valve Is Bad?

You know how important your car’s heater is to you. One of the main components of your car’s heater is the heater control valve. This is basically a cooling control and an HVAC system. Basically what it does is that it allows coolant to go through the engine to the heater core. The valve is situated on the back wall.

When the valve opens up what happens is that the warm coolant flows through and piles up on the heater core. This way the heater can create warm air through the air that comes in from the vents. When your car’s heater control valve fails you see a few symptoms. Here are the symptoms to identify if your car has a failing heater control valve or not.

The Heater Not Working

You notice that your heater isn’t really doing its job. It isn’t heating up the cabin like it used to. This may be because the heater control valve is broken or stuck. If this doesn’t function properly then coolant flow is restricted or stopped completely. If that happens then your car’s heater will not be able to heat up the air for the car’s cabin. So make sure you check your heater and keep up regular maintenance.

Leaking Coolant

Another problem that might occur with the heater control valve is your coolant leaking. The coolant leaks into the engine if there is a malfunction with the heater control valve. This might happen when the valve is damaged due to age or overuse. The valve is like any other car part and is subject to damage over time. Another way the heater control valve can be damaged is when it comes in contact with a corrosive coolant. Coolant becomes corrosive when it has been used for a long time or have been contaminated with engine coolant. You need to fix the leaks and replace the valve soon as coolant leaking from the valve may lead to bigger problems which you should avoid. During this time, you should consult your mechanic, as this may lead to a bigger issue if left ignored.

The Behaving Erratically

A big problem that occurs when the heater control valve fails is the erratic heater behavior. This can even lead to the engine heating be unregulated. When the valve is malfunctioning the coolant can seep into different car parts this will make the heater behave irregularly. You may feel that your heater produces hot air when idle, or maybe it fluctuates between hot and cold air or you get hot air at certain times.

The coolant leak may even cause the engine temperature regulator to behave erratically. You may notice that your temperature gauge is showing a rapid incline and decline in temperature. This can cause havoc to your engine if the reading is true. If it is not, then you would not understand the status of your engine. So this is a major issue that you need your mechanic to look over immediately.

Being Vigilant

These are the symptoms that can help you identify if your car’s heater control valve is failing or not. You should consult your mechanic as soon as possible if you find any of these problems and you can use portable car heaters to keep the interior hot in the meantime it gets fixed.

  • May 19, 2019