How to Fix a Car Door Handle That Won’t Open from The Outside?

This happens with most of the people having cars when the door cannot be opened from the outside. It is because of the exterior door handles issue. How to fix that? Below are the guidelines that help you repair or fix the external door handle when the door is not opening.

1. Material Required

There are various reasons responsible for when the external door handle is not working. It should be either fixed or replaced. But we will focus on fixing it. In order to repair the door handle, you should have a new handle, painter’s tape, screwdriver and torx bit set. These tools will be required to start repairing the external door handle. However, we recommend to replace the handle. You can find good exterior door handles online at affordable rates.

2. Buy the New Door Handle

The issue can be minute or serious. But it will disclose only when you remove the old handle and try to repair it. If it is fine, you can fix it again. But in many cases the door handle has failed and it needs to be replaced. So you should buy one door handle beforehand to avoid problems at the crucial time. 

3. Locate the Fasteners 

Now the real work starts. You will have to find or locate the fasteners. These are the screws which attach the external door handle with the car door. The location of the fasteners can be around the handle. It may be changed in different car models. However, locating the fastener is not a big issue. With close inspection, you will find it easily.

4. Apply Painter’s Tape

Before you start removing the fastener and screws, you should put a good quality tape on the door. The purpose to avoid any scratches to the finishing. Tape should be of good quality so that it can be removed without affecting the finishing touch of the car color. 

5. Remove the Door Handle

When you have placed tap, now you should start removing the handle. It starts with the fastener and screws. As you have already located them, you should use the screwdriver to loosen them and remove from the handle. It should be noted; care is required at this step as it may leave scratches on the car door.

6. Clean It and Repair

When the door has been removed, you should inspect it thoroughly. It can be loose, broken or have other problems. Try to fix it. If the issue is solved, you should put it back on its place. 

7. Replace with New Door Handle 

And if you think the handle is too damaged to be put back, it will be better to replace it with a new one. You should pick the new external door handle and use the screws to replace it. This is pretty easy and you can install the new handle within minutes. 


Exterior door handles of your car may have issues and need repairs. You should follow proper steps to remove it and then put it back after fixing. If it does not solve the issue, you should replace it with the new one.

  • August 25, 2019