How to Install LED Tail Lights for Your Vehicle?

The tail lighting is a good way to make your car exterior look great. When it comes to the LED tail lights, they’re amazing and can make your car more visible than others. Not just this, they’ll provide a cool and custom look of your car that last for years. 

It’s because they don’t have tungsten filament like the traditional bulbs. Also, it’s not very difficult to swap to LED lights from stock lights. Even the process of installing them is much easier that you can do yourself. 

When the moisture goes inside the housing of the LED lights, they may get useless. Then you need to replace the old ones with some new lights. So, you need to know the replacing process. Well, let’s know them below: 

First Step –Get Ready the Area

First, open the trunk of your vehicle and remove the siding carefully to find out the nuts or screws. These nuts or screws grasp the tail lights in its place. To open them, loosen them and keep aside. And go the next step below:

Second Step –Take Out the Tail Light

Lose the assembly of tail light by pulling it towards the rear carefully. Also, take out all linked electric sockets before removing it completely. Find out the moisture housing that has made the LED light useless. Use a soft rag to clean the entire area of the assembly. 

Third Step –Unlock the Casing 

For this step, you have to keep you precise and steady with your hands plus keep eager eyes for details. The casing system might be pried open or cut/reach strip of the LED depending on the kinds of assembly. When it comes to the new models, they come with plastic-made casing. 

So, you have to pry open them carefully using a good screwdriver. Now, heat the sealant that’s remaining out there using a hairdryer. As a result, you’ll be able to remove it easily. When using the screwdriver to remove the casing lens, focus to heat on a specific area.

Fourth Step –Remove the Strip of LED

So, you have removed the casing lens, you have found the LED strip. Now, remove the old one and take to replace with a new one. Make a cross-check whether there are any connections of electrical wires out there. 

Get caution while managing the reflector. It’s because the leftover oil of fingerprints will put an indefinite mark. Also, it may cause a bad to see the reflection. That’s why before you install it; wipe the parts around the area. 

Fifth Step –Test & Seal The Casing 

After inserting the lens in their casings, connect their sockets to check the lights. If you turn on its parking lights and then press the brake pedal to check them. Remove all linked electrical connections like the casing lens.

Before you keep the lens at its place, use silicone sealant in a consistent quantity around the casing. Keep it for 30 minutes to get it dried before your install again the tail light.

  • August 14, 2019