Neoprene Seat Cover: Most Commonly Asked Questions

Ironically, one of the most often bought interior pieces is one of the hardest to shop for. It’s quick to end up with the wrong covers for your seats. Also, it comes with all numerous options, trim levels, and variations between years.

There are more fabric choices on top of that than your fingers and toes can count on. We actually get more questions about seat covers than any other thing on our website. And some of the most popular we offer are neoprene options.

We thought it was about time we did a deep dive into them to see if we could help answer your most frequently asked questions! Well, before you look for “custom all weather floor mats for cars,” continue reading.

Do Neoprene-Made Seat Covers Smell?

They must not! A decent quality neoprene must not have much more than a slight rubber residue. But, even that can go away pretty soon once they’re mounted. Few inexpensive blends can have a chemical scent. However, if you buy your neoprene seat covers from reputable brands.

The brands include Coverking, Wet Okole, Saddleman, and Caltrend, that’s not a problem. But, they will ultimately grow any unpleasant smells if used hard and left unwashed overtime.

After all, neoprene is still cloth. If you, your friends, and your dog all jump wet in your car after a swim in the water, after a few days, you might find yourself with some unpleasant scents.

Are All Neoprene Seat Covers Water-Resistant?

Yes, it is! True CR-grade neoprene is 100 percent waterproofs. So, practitioners use it around the world in wetsuits, for active people who can track in gravel, sand, mud, wet animals, or muddy gear and equipment.

It makes them a natural fit as seat covers. They can also be a godsend to people with children or someone who is particularly vulnerable to injuries.

And it does not want spilled coffee to spoil their day (and their seats). Moreover, neoprene is perfect for shielding your seats from UV rays that, over time, break down fabrics and leather.

Best waterproof car floor mats are just like neoprene seat covers. Both are water-resistant.

Can You Cover Heated Seat With Neoprene Seat Covers?

Absolutely you can! Heating components in your seats don’t get hot enough to kill neoprene or neosupreme anywhere near you. At the same time, the seat covers will not diminish your heated seats’ quality either.

You’ll feel cozier than ever because of how cushy and relaxing they are. If you’re tired of hot leather or vinyl scalding, neoprene does a fine job of remaining relatively neutral to the touch.

It’s regardless of obscenely hot or cold. This is another explanation why they’re so famous; irrespective of the temperature, they’re still relaxed.

How Durable Are Neoprene Seat Covers?

Definitely, they are! Compared to other seat cover fabric alternatives, neoprene is a comparatively dense fiber, and the construction of rubber foam gives quite a bit of giving and stretch.

They certainly don’t go mad, but in most situations, dropping some sports equipment or a toolbox in the back seat would not be enough to cause damage.

Again, this is yet another box checked for individuals who want to rough-house for an active lifestyle or with teenagers. I would actually bet that neoprene is among the most durable fabrics we sell, outside of our harder vinyl or ballistic nylon seat covers.

  • October 28, 2020