Pros and Cons of Car Spoilers

Putting on a spoiler always attracts some argument. While for some car enthusiasts it is a big “no-no” and for others a big “yes-yes”. The pros of car spoilers cannot be overlooked and the same is the case with its cons. Let us discuss as to how it all adds up together.

CON: Non-Matching Color

Color matching is going to be the first con of adding spoiler to your car. Since many aftermarket accessories do not come pre-painted, you will have to get the exact color codes to get the paint matched with the car. Old cars that came in very specific colors can become an issue in this respect along with cars that have a unique paint job. So incase if the paint job on the spoiler does not match, it is going to look rather strange on the car itself.

PRO: Reducing Lift

Up till now this is something many car gurus and experts will agree on. Universal car spoilers help in reducing both drag and lift. The good thing about it is that it is going to do all that without adding any additional weight to vehicle. Reducing drag and lift is going to provide your car with better aerodynamic ability that will result in better stability. Since the cars that have spoilers like to do more or less the same thing, they are a perfect addition.

CON: Ridiculous Look

Sometimes being too much of a car enthusiast or a spoiler fan boy can make your car look ridiculous. Since you are paying quite enough on an accessory, nobody would want their car to come out looking ugly, rather something that forces people to turn on their cameras. In some cases, adding a spoiler to your car can actually make it look good but in other cases where the car has not been designed keeping spoilers in mind, adding one to it may look absurd. 

Benefit: Reducing the Weight of the Car

Spoilers as already mentioned, help in reducing both drag and lift without adding weight to the car. In some cases, they even help in reducing the weight of a car, which is surprising considering that you are adding accessory on a car. In reality, it does not actually reduce the weight of the car but in fact it along with front spoilers reduce drag to such an extent that the overall weight of the car is reduced. Nowadays spoilers come manufactured in Plastic or ABS material due to being lightweight and easy to paint. Since they are light materials, adding them onto your car, does not hurt its weight.

CON: Cost

While, the majority of car enthusiasts may agree with the benefits of a spoiler, one thing they are never going to agree on is the price. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your budget. You may have spent an entire month arguing about it with your friends but in the end, cost is going to stand in your way. Even though the benefits of adding one outweigh the value but still for an average Joe out there, it is not going to be cheap.


In conclusion, it’s your decision to go for universal car spoilers or not. It does gives a bit boost to your car so there’s that.

  • October 1, 2019