Secrets Car Mechanics Won’t Tell You

Like every other professional these days, car mechanics too have their very own dirty little secrets they use to maximize their revenue and get some other additional benefits from their clients.

Here is a brief list of some secrets that a car mechanic won’t tell you.

1. They Might Use Scare Tactics

If you own a Dodge Charger or any other car -just like most people do- odds are that you’ll need to visit a mechanic every now and then either to maintain it in good condition, or to get a certain error fixed. No matter what you visit the mechanic for, always try and access the actual needs of your car, because most of the car mechanics often use scare tactics to make you believe that the condition of your car is much worse than you think, just to trick you into buying more of their services. To avoid this, you should check Dodge Charger parts prices online.

2. They Might Hide Their Actual Certification

A well-qualified, properly skilled and certified car mechanic will never hide his credentials, in fact, many of the top automobile repairing shops boast about the certifications of their employees and take pride in their professionalism, so, there is nothing wrong in asking for the certification and the actual professional experience of a car mechanic in the industry, because you don’t what to get your expensive vehicle ruined by a part-timer.

Remember that asking for the mechanic’s skills and certifications is especially helpful if your car is secured by an insurance plan.

3. They’ll Want You to Sign on a Blank Authorization Form

One big truth that more of the car mechanics would never want you to know is that if you sign in a blank authorization form, the repair shop can add some unnecessary repairs/ checks to the list and charge you way higher than they would have otherwise.

To keep yourself from getting robbed by a car mechanic and stay within your budget, ask the mechanic to inspect your vehicle thoroughly, detect all the errors and mention them on the authorization form along with a price estimate before you even sign. This way, you can keep yourself from overspending on a little repair for your Dodge Charger.

4. Never Let Them Know You’re Also Checking with Others

Instead of reading about the secrets that the car mechanics keep from you, why not you keep a tiny secret from them? You should always check with more than just one car mechanic before starting the project, this way you will get the best idea of how much it would really cost you to get the repairs done.

While checking with multiple car mechanics, never let them know that you have multiple options under your belt, because this way they might ignore some important repairs, and include only the superficial ones to win the project with a small bid.


An obvious conclusion of the discussion above is that you should never rely on one car mechanic to get all the repairs and Dodge Charger parts, as they might take an undue benefit from your innocence by overhanging you for even the smallest repairs.

  • September 25, 2019