Top 4 Tips for Maintaining a Proper Auto Parts Inventory

Your auto parts inventory plays an important role in helping your business come to fruition. If the inventory isn’t properly maintained, it may be subjected to inventory issues and errors, resulting in a negative impact on your car auto parts business. That’s why it is important to maintain an accurate inventory to enhance your business growth. Opening an inventory isn’t challenging but properly keeping an inventory is, especially in large dealerships that require quite a lot of people to handle the parts.  Let’s take a look at the inventory maintenance and how you can use it for a successful business.

1. Keep your inventory problem-free

When a car parts order is given as a business owner, you would want to assume that the quantities received match the quantities ordered. This may seem like a viable option to receive the stock as quickly as possible. However, many vendors can make mistakes at this point. To refrain from making these mistakes, make sure your shipping and receiving staff know the equation. Train them well enough to see the system; remember, one mistake can jumble the entire thing.  Before putting new parts on the shelves, your staff should verify the numbers and quantities and keep them enlisted for further requirements.

2. Arrange the stock in a convenient way

Many dealerships make the mistake of storing different parts into different sections of inventories. This gives birth to confusion and errors. The best way of stocking products is to divide the categories into different sections. For instance, put all the engine parts in one section, batteries in another section, etc. This way, you will know which parts go where. Sorting your inventory isn’t only time-saving but also rewarding. The faster you get your job done, the better your services get, and the happier your customers will be. This also decreases the chance of parts going misplaced, missing, or stolen.

3. Control access to inventory

It’s essential to limit access to your staff for a better management process. The access level should be regulated and restricted for better performance of the inventory. Always make sure the inventory access is granted and check by properly trained people. If the people aren’t trained well in this field, they might create inventory related problems such as making an improper entry in the inventory or mess up the record-tracking.

4. Make a habit of checking your inventory frequently

Check your inventory regularly. The more often you check, the better it is to spot any mistakes or problems and correct them. If you are unable to check the entire stock, focus on the main items first. Then go section by section and check them. Also, don’t forget to check the special ordered parts and don’t want to mess up the orders. Do a quick analysis of those important parts to ensure you have entered them into the entry. If you have a large inventory and you can’t be able to check it all by yourself, take help from your staff members for getting your job done. Keep a pen and a diary with you to jot down any problems you face.

Stocking up everything in the inventory without displaying them can shoo away the customers. If your auto parts outlet isn’t that big, only keep the most crucial auto parts on the display.

  • January 15, 2021