When to Replace Your Car Internal and External Door Handles

Your car handle may have issues. But sometimes the car owners or drivers are unable to figure out what the real problem is. Many times, the handle need to be replaced because they have failed. Below are the signs that show when you should replace the car’s internal and external door handles.

Signs to Replace Internal Door Handle

1. The Handle is Loose

The door handle used in the car are manufactured from plastic material. It is also reported there can be some other item as part of the material. In most of the new cars, the internal door handles are automatic while some cars have manual handles as well. When the handles are used, they may get loose. It is not a big deal. However, the drivers should bring the car for inspection. This issue can also be repaired. However, if repairing does not solve the problem, you should replace it.

2. Hard to Open the Door

Normally the new and fine interior door handles make it easy to open the doors. With the passage of time, the handle gets loose and may not be as good as it was in the beginning. For this reason, the doors require more effort to use the handle to open theme. In case of such an issue, the door handle should be repaired. And if the issue is not solved yet, replacement is the best option then. 

3. Door Not Opening at All

It is one of the biggest signs that your internal door handles must be replaced. This issue occurs in extreme cases when the handle is loose or broken. It might be stuck due to many other reasons. The handle can also be broken making it harder for the drivers to open the door. It calls for an urgent replacement of the interior door handle. 

Signs to Replace the External Door Handle

When it comes to the external door handle, the drivers or car owners may face the same issues. That is why, you should check for any possible issue so as to ensure the real problem is detected before you replace the external door handle. 

1. Loose Door Handle

Like the internal handle, external one is also used very often. Even it is used more that the internal handle. There are higher chances it will get out of order. It may be loose for excessive use. Carelessness is also a reason why external door handle get loose. 

2. Door Does Not Shut

Another common issue that people have experienced with the external door handles is that it does not shut. When you experience such a problem, you should try to fix the issue. If it does not work, you can take the car to the mechanic who will decide what needs to be done. In extreme cases, however, the external handle is also replaced.


Your car’s external and internal door handles may get out of order. You should look for these signs. If you notice these, they should be replaced.

  • August 20, 2019