Why Do I Need a Car Spoiler?

Spoilers nowadays seem to be quite popular and common in cars. Some manufacturers provide built-in spoilers that does not only enhance the look of your car but also the performance. Let us discuss how it benefits the vehicle.

What Is a Spoiler?

Spoiler is a component that improves the aerodynamic ability of your car and decreases drag. Unfavorable movement across the car’s body is spoiled by the spoiler while it is in motion. Air in adverse motion is called turbulence or drag. They are also attached and installed to the front of the car but they are then termed as air dams. There was a time when spoilers were only installed on high performance cars but nowadays they can be seen quite in number on passenger cars as well. For many people it is just to enhance the look but it does play its role in decreasing drag. And that’s why there are so many people always look for car spoiler for sale.

What Does It Actually Do?

As already mentioned, spoilers increase the grip of the vehicle by reducing drag. The car keeps itself grounded to the surface due to its weight. Basically, the heavier the vehicle, the better grip it is going to have on the road.

For cars that are lightweight, there can only be two ways to increase the grip. Either to install special type of tires or simply increase the weight. Increasing the weight has its downside too. It is not appropriate for high performance cars to have extra added on weight and that is the reason every high performance car manufacturer focuses hard on reducing weight. Increase in weight takes a toll on both speed and performance altogether.

A car that is comparatively heavier will have a hard time at turns and having more weight means more inertia as well. As a result, increasing weight is not the answer to improving the grip. For comparison, you can check out the wings of an airplane with the difference lying in the spoiler creating a downside force.

Benefits of Spoilers

  • Apart from the fact that spoilers reduce drag, there are additional advantages as well.
  • Less drag means having improved fuel efficiency and who would not want that?
  • In addition to that, spoilers also add lift without adding additional weight to the car. The result is, that the car will be more stable at high speeds with improved traction.
  • Since no additional weight has been added, the performance of the car is bound to improve as well.
  • Spoilers are of course not something that are going to give you a daily dose of adrenaline on a daily drive like turbos and V-8 engines but for someone who likes to take their cars on track, spoilers tend to be a necessity for them.
  • They come in different shapes, sizes and type. Depending on your budget you can go for a simple one or a fully carbon made but for that, you will have to rain in some money.
  • High performance cars today have spoilers that automatically pop out at high speeds and then settle back in when the car slows down.


Now that you know why spoilers are great for your car, do have a look at one when you see the signs of car spoiler for sale.

  • September 19, 2019