How To Pull Off A Successful App Launch

One thing is for sure: You need to develop a mobile app so that your business may flourish. However, there is a little problem.

With so many mobile apps dominating multiple mobile app stores, how will you pull off a successful app launch?

Worried? Don’t be! Read the following article for a mobile app development company.

  1. Creating Hype

If you want to do something big, it doesn’t happen right away. You need to create a hype through your social media channels so that people are up on their toes.

At least 2-3 weeks before the app launch, start making people guess what you are up to!

A mobile app development company recommends participating (engaging) users on your social media posts so that at the time of launch, you gain maximum attention.

  1. Contacting Press

Once you launch an app, it is now time to contact the press. An even better approach is to endorse a limited release and give early access coupons to reviewers and critics.

You can also contact news channels, business channels, and tech magazines. The favorable reviews you generate can then be used for your marketing. Ultimately, your favored reviews will help create more hype. As people will be wonderstruck from early good reviews, they would naturally want to test the app.

Contact websites like Pre apps which promote your apps, allowing you to post app descriptions on their website.

  1. Propagation Through Shortened Links

Websites like Hootsuite provide one-click marketing to all your social media posts. Take your application URL and shorten it. Now write catchy descriptions and propagate your newly made app on different social media accounts.

Give people logic as to why they should try your web app. When people are convinced through logical reasoning, they love to try new things.

  1. Description Matters

One thing has been true in the history of internet i.e. content is king. Most people download an app just because they like an application description.

Consult professional content writers to write appealing app descriptions.

  1. Announcements and Livestreaming

Make a formal announcement on your website as well as all of your social media accounts that the new business app will be released on this particular day.

On the day of launch, you can start a live stream. According to a mobile app development company, ‘this helps make the audience curious about an organization’s working and their products’

Since most people are interested in the inner working of a business brand, they love to know more about developer staff, assigned roles and promising functionalities of the developed application.

  1. Regular Updates and Monitoring

Congratulations, you have survived the initial app launch. It is now time to spread your app on all channels and continue its monitoring.

You can include early reviews as a source of market and change your web layout design a little bit, to make room for an update. Ask your social media followers to give honest feedback. You can also start healthy engaging competitions where you gift certain luxuries to selected people who download and review your app. Since most app users have lesser attention spans, even if your app was remarkable some days ago, they might forget about its awesomeness. That’s where regular updating comes into play.

  • August 9, 2018