How To Invest In Cryptocurrency?

With the rise in popularity of the Bitcoin, more people want to hop aboard the bandwagon and make a fortune out of the currency, but they are simply held back by the limitation of their knowledge.

There are certain key players which you need to be aware of before you can invest in a cryptocurrency:

  • An alert for cryptocurrency which can keep you updated with the recent happenings
  • A medium for buying
  • A crypto wallet
  • Timing

Let us get you started on your journey to buying Bitcoins and answering the question: how to invest in cryptocurrency!

Step 1: Finding A Medium

Platforms and sites such as Coinbase are gaining more and more popularity today because of their mark-up below 1% and ease of usage. And the support for Coinbase is quite justified, because it makes the entire exchange a lot easier.

Once you get your account made you will also have access to a personalized crypto wallet through which you can conduct multiple operations. For example, you can put in a certain amount of fiat currency in your wallet and give Coinbase the authority to purchase Bitcoins worth a certain amount after a particular time frame (such as 2 months). Your operation will then be executed directly without further orders from your end.

Step 2: Keeping Track of The Market

It is definitely recommended that you take out a few slots in your day when you can check how your investment in the currency is doing in terms of the upward/downward performance of the currency. However, that might be a difficult routine to instill from the get go, in which case it is a good idea to install Bitcoin price alert app in your phones so that you can stay updated with the happenings in the market.

Focus more on trends than you do on present amounts. This means that if your currency is appreciating at a growing rate, it is a good idea to let it grow instead of hoping to instantly cash it.

Step 3: Cashing 

How to invest in cryptocurrency is a daunting question until your very first pay day, when the medium hooks you up with a buyer, and you get a much higher amount than you initially had. That is where you become obsessed with the idea of investing in the currency and making greater decisions for greater benefits.

Are There Other Ways to Invest?

While talking about how to invest in cryptocurrency, these platforms are preferred on account of their security, but if their identity as public domains or need for markups acts as a disincentive it is also possible to find local offline buyers. These local buyers gain direct controlled access to your crypto wallet in which they transfer Bitcoins equaling the value you purchased.

These individuals and brokers are, however, questionable as far as reliability is concerned because the currency is unregulated and there is no definite way of determining if a fraud has been carried out. This is why official trading desks such as Coinbase, Coindesk, and Bitstamp should be your first priorities.

  • Updated June 29, 2018