10 Problems with AI in Healthcare

No everything is as simple as doing DICOM player free download and using it. Below are the problems with operation of AI in healthcare.

1. People Don’t Trust It

Among many challenges of AI in healthcare, one is the trust problem. A lot of people in the healthcare have no trust in AI. As AI systems are programmed, they can fail at any time and even at crucial moments during surgeries. The losses will be irreparable then.

2. Job Security Issues

There is a growing concern among the people in healthcare that it will replace humans for, at least, simple management tasks like using simple tools and doing stuff like managing patients and DICOM player free download. People don’t want to lose their jobs. Nowadays when unemployment is increasing around the world, healthcare sector is not ready to accept AI for it will leave many people without jobs.

3. The Problem of Data

As AI is not something human, the patients have serious reservations with it. They believe it will disturb the patient privacy as well the patient data. Moreover, you need huge data to harness and operate AI for healthcare. This requires time and further research works.

4. Lack of Information

Patients are not quite comfortable to report to AI about their diseases and what is happening to them. Furthermore, AI based tools can pick the information they have been trained for. So they will be unable to get details what they have not been provided. In other words, they can create serious complications.

5. AI Training Complications

Training AI based tools and machines is itself a challenge. There are not enough hospitals or private clinics using AI in their services and facilities. So the people are a bit confused and no one is ready to take the challenge of AI training as it contains many complications.

6. Change is Difficult

Health sector has warmly embraced technology. EMRs have replaced clerks and now the data is computerized. Even free DICOM viewer is there at one click. But it all takes time as well as a lot of investment. No single hospital or clinic is ready to buy the most expensive AI based tools. It will take time to bring the change.

7. Patient Privacy Problems

Due to legal limitation on acquiring private medical data, the AI based tools have been rejected by the healthcare sector. Patients are not willing to accept them. For data collection, the individual privacy is the most important matter. There is need of regulations and laws that can govern the use of AI in health sector.

8. Technology and Human Touch

Many times, patients need human touch to feel and respond. This can be a very serious issue if AI tools are deployed for the patients in healthcare. Tools with AI cannot offer the human touch or the same experience of service. In wound or infection detection, robots will not work.

9. Failing to Act

Machines do fail. But you don’t know when AI based machines and tools fail. Can anyone afford failure of robots at the peak of a heart or brain surgery? These issues restrict the use of AI in healthcare.

10. Cybersecurity and Hacking

Here comes another serious and genuine concern of the healthcare professionals. They believe AI systems can be hacked. Cybersecurity makes them believe not to rely on AI tools for health services.

  • May 24, 2019