Helpful Self-Healing Meditation Techniques

There aren’t any specific self healing meditation techniques. The main point of it revolves around the fact that you focus on your breathing!


Meditation is what? Relaxing of mind, right? Well the relaxation of mind does not require a special technique. It can be something simple or basic and something you are attuned to. As mentioned above, the main point revolves around your breathing. But by breathing we don’t mean the simple inhalation and exhalation of air rather the inhalation of air into the main depths of the body surging positivity. And exhalation out of the body of surging negativity.

This means that along with focusing on your breath, you have to focus on your inner emotions as well. Question is: How do you do that?

Irregularities of Brain

What causes stress or anxiety? Or let’s go towards something easy and simple: What causes extreme headache and gloominess?

The answer to this is, inner turmoil of emotions. And what causes this turmoil? Your outside living conditions.

Whether it’s the fear of getting fired or fear of not securing marks. Harboring a heartache or scared to move on again etc. Millions of situations in your daily life can causes headaches and depression. However, these feelings of sadness are triggered when you concentrate purely on them. As a result, the right side of your brain becomes dominant on your left side and sends signals of distress all over the body causing you to bury in depression.

Let Your Mind Experience Calmness

By focusing on feelings of distress, your entire body and soul engages in self-turmoil and you experience sadness. Meditation is that technique which allows your brain to experience calmness. And in order to do that you simply have to let your positivity out. But how to let your positivity out?

Healing Your Mind

In order to let your positivity out, you have to follow a series of steps. Main idea behind the steps remain the same while steps can change once in a while to suit your comfort level. This positivity is going to heal your mind which will in turn heal your body. Anyways, following are the self healing meditation techniques which you should know about and master:

1. Quiet Place

First look for a quiet place where you can feel subdued from everybody around you. It could be a park, side of a river, your roof, your room etc. anywhere you can feel at peace with yourself.

2. Sit Peacefully

Sit comfortably the way you want and slowly breathe.

3. Breathing Exercise

Slowly, focus on yourself and close your eyes. Now after a few minutes, inhale the air around you. Let it seep through your body and trap it for five seconds. Let it touch your inner being. Now exhale slowly but deeply. Let all the negativity vanish away.

Don’t get frustrated if you can’t tune out your surroundings or your thoughts. Remember self healing meditation technique isn’t something you should exceed at, it’s something you wish to help you in connecting your mind and soul. Take all the time you need. Remember the mantra: inhale, hold for 5 seconds and exhale.

4. Rub Your Hands Together

Keep on breathing and then nicely rub your hands together. When you do so, let the friction warm you up. Not just from the outside but from the inside. Imagine this friction as a feeling penetrating your body and let it flow. Let it relax your being. And let the positivity flow!

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  • Updated May 27, 2018