How Manmade Error Compromises with The Digital PHI

After a long discussion and checking with different vendors, you have upgraded your PACS to the cloud from local PACS. This is great news. But, it doesn’t suggest you don’t need to be careful of how you’re managing your patient’s records because you have made the upgrade to the digital arena.

You’re still vulnerable while your solution should not lose in the packet of mail. It’s because when you upgrade your system from free MRI viewer, it has no guarantee that you’re getting all coverage of HIPAA compliances.

HIPAA Compliance & Penalties

That means if you’re thinking you’re all set with all requirements, it’s very flawed thinking. Indeed, violation penalties connected to touchable mistakes such as mailing errors have dropped due to migrating to the latest Cloud solution. But, it has gone up the incidence of hacking data from servers.

Can you imagine what can be happened when it’ll have happened to you? This is not just a big issue that you’ll lose your all patients’ images, you also will have to pay a large amount as penalties.

It doesn’t matter which Android DICOM viewer you’re using. But, it matters much if you go out of HIPAA rules. Let’s know more about the issue.

Why It Happens

You already have got the advice that always tries to avoid being the victim of a hacker. When it comes to the violation of HIPAA compliances, it doesn’t need to get from a hateful digital breaching.

Also, you can negotiate PHI by PC viruses as well as IT occurrences. We can focus light on the end while we can’t truly talk about why illicit would decide to target your imaging center or hospitals.

What Computer Viruses Do

First, you’re still might be retaining the backup on the PC or viewing site. If you’re doing this, you have to think again this approach. For example, while visiting a website for a code of ICD-10, you may catch by a virus. Mac OS has made a better deal to keep its products flexible to viruses.

 But, this is not the real immune because the issues are getting worse on another system. In this issue, what you can do is that you have to discuss the case with your IT department.

Your in-house experts will measure the issue to take essential steps. If you don’t have your domestic IT department, you have to contact with your cloud and PACS service providers.

IT Incidents

People usually think that the Cloud solution is impermeable to mislaying all of their imagines and records. It’s not completely true because you can’t do anything with your software. It has the whole thing to accomplish with the error of human beings.

Can you remember when you changed the password in the last time? Indeed, the issue happens when different users at the same practice use your same password and username.

In HIPAA infringements, usernames plus passwords are the main things in most of “Tech Incidents.” So, you have to maintain the HIPAA rules strictly.

  • December 5, 2019