How The Medical Image Sharing Field Has Changed?

Medical image sharing is simply the exchange of medical images between doctors and their patients. In the past, this process was made with the help of a portable device, e.g. a CD, a DVD, or a flash drive. Now that technology has advanced a lot, image sharing can be done using cloud computing. There has been a lot of change in the medical image sharing world in the past few years, a few reasons are behind that. We are going to talk about those reasons.

Change Due to the Patients’ Needs

In the past, say 15 to 20 years ago, patients used to see their doctors as fonts of information and relied on them completely, so much so that they considered them as the ultimate authority of their diagnosis. But things have changed now. With the rise of education and the help of technology, patients are more concerned about their own diagnosis than ever before. They are more curious and involved in their diagnosis process. They know that they can get multiple opinions on a single subject. They are tech-savvy and want their doctors to be the same or at least accommodate their technological needs.

This has pushed the medical practitioners to bring change to how they provide healthcare. Technological and medical evolutions worked together to bring the change in medical image sharing. Often patients didn’t use to take home their medical images before but now they do that more often than not. And creating and providing medical data in a portable device is both time and money consuming. Enter cloud-based image sharing, which has solved this problem and with this patient can access their medical images from wherever they want with their smartphones and tablets and PCs.

Change Due to Insurance Companies

Health insurance companies don’t want to duplicate medical images because they are costly. More often than not, patients get a scan at a radiology clinic and give it to a doctor at a different healthcare facility. Sometimes the doctors cannot read the study and want the patients to take the same scan retaken at that healthcare facility! This is costly for insurance companies.

Access in Real-Time

Nowadays, multiple doctors in different geographical locations can treat the same patient. But it becomes very hard if the patient has to bring the same medical images to the different doctors. It becomes even more difficult in times of emergencies. With the help of cloud-based image sharing, doctors in multiple locations can easily access the medical data of their patients any time they want.


Telehealth is becoming more common each year. But for telehealth to be fully effective, doctors need to see the medical images. You cannot send your medical data to your telehealth doctor quickly if you send it in a portable device and via mail service. But with cloud-based image sharing, telehealth doctors can see the images from their offices whenever the patient calls.


Necessity begets innovation. Over the course of human history, we brought changes as we thought necessary. We brought a change in the medical image sharing world using medical image sharing apps and with the growing demands of patients nowadays, we can expect even more.

  • February 29, 2020