How to Treat Acidic Well Water?

Before we talk about how to treat acidic water, we first need to understand what really acidic water is and what are its harms and effects. By definition, a water with a pH less than 7 is called acidic water. As the value decreases, water becomes more acidic and it’s not only harmful to humans but it affects the water pipes as well.

The great staining shows that water is acidic and should be treated accordingly in order to avoid problems. It affects plumbing fixtures and piping and can ruin Copper pipes too. The low pH is a problem itself and in order to treat water from acidic effects, the pH is increased so it can be treated properly.

It should be noted that according to science and research, the water low in pH may not have any harmful effects on health but it has a bad taste. If you notice your water has a bad taste or tastes like harsh, that shows it has a low pH and should be treated.

When it comes to acidic water treatment, two methods are used that we will discuss below. Many people use acidic neutralizer for well water and another look for other options and treatment methods.

  1. Injection Method

This method is often believed to be an expensive choice and everyone can’t afford it. It’s good for people who are treating water for commercial purposes and have enough budget for water treatment. It involves the use of chemicals that are injected into the well water in order to reduce its effects and prevent it from reacting with the pipes.

Somehow, a precise amount of soda ash solution is taken and it is injected in the acidic water. This method is also known as Proportional pH Balancing System. This method helps to ensure uniform pH of the well water and doesn’t affect the flow of the water. When it comes to the effects of soda ash solution, it’s safe and has been recommended by FDA as well. It doesn’t affect the water quality and just raises the pH level.

  1. Filter Method

This method is commonly known as whole house pH balancing filter. In this method, an acidic neutralizer for well water is used to treat the acidic water and raise its pH and prevent it from reacting with the pipes and system.

The method involves the use of calcium carbonate also known as Calcite or Magnesium Oxide. The acidic water flows into a pressurized tank to increase its pH level. When water flows into the tank, it contains Calcite and calcium carbonate is absorbed by water that results in an increase of the pH of water.

This method is widely used in the world and on larger scales. The acid neutralizer for well water installed regulates the pH and works automatically. After even two or three days it increases water pH in order to make it usable. Many are the companies as well that provide this service to the people at really good rates and you may want to try their service if you are suffering from acidic water problems.

  • September 19, 2018