What Are the Types of Medical Practices?

There are a number of options for an upcoming medicine practitioner to practice their medicine. Patients are also a huge factor in medical practices and where and of what type should be in effect. Here are a few types of medical practices you should know according to different career goals and preferences.

1. Private or Solo Practice

It is exactly what it sounds like. A single physician practices the medicine either alone or with minimal staff for help. It is often referred to as the traditional method because the doctor has the freedom to practice medicine without any restrictions. This style of medical practice is very effective if you choose to manage the practice yourself without any affiliations with outside organizations. It also allows the physician to create good relationships with their patients as well as flexibility. However, the drawback is that there is increased workload on a single doctor as well as increased financial risk for the business.

2. Group Practice

A practice that includes a small group of practitioners that provide medical care to patients is called group practice. There are a lot of benefits of group practices, one of which is that you can either work on a single type of medical practice but with less workload or you can offer multiple types of medical practices to the patients. This practice also reduces the financial risk for the business quite substantially than a solo practice however this practice takes away the freedom as well as less income.

3. Integrated into the System

This practice includes physicians to be hired by more than one healthcare organization. This gives the physicians the rights to access the hospital’s facility while practicing their own medicines in addition to a fixed income and packages. Bigger organizations may hire an existing solo or group practices to practice with them in one of the many practice models they have to offer. You may enjoy a stable income from this but it takes away all the freedom and flexibility as you must comply with the rules and regulations of the organizations that have employed you.

4. Health Maintenance Organization

Physicians can get employed in an HMO to practice their medicine. It may look like a group practice but it is on a larger scale. Unlike in a group practice, the physicians are more employees than partners and hence have less freedom to practice. However, it includes a good income and regular work hours and you don’t even have to worry about the administrative work.

5. Locum Tenens

A locum tenens scenario is more like a freelancing scenario where the physician is hired by the hospital as a temporary employee for a short period. The physicians are given the freedom to choose their own time and place to work and also offers good pay.

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These are some types of medical practice that you might want to adopt. Deciding on which practice to go with should depend on the personal preferences of the physician.

  • October 24, 2019