6 Laundry Mistakes You Are Making

Let’s know if you’re making this laundry mistakes.

1. Too Much Load of Clothes in One Go

Laundry is a daunting task for many people, so overloading the washing machine is something we are all guilty about. The truth is your clothes need extra room for washing, building up foam and for rinsing. It is not a good idea to overload the washing machine to its top to get things done faster. Your clothes won’t be washed properly and you will need to re-wash them anyways so there is no point in overfilling the machine.

2. Not Washing Sock Separately

This is also a huge mistake you make while doing laundry. Socks are smelly, obviously, so it is wise for you to separate all the socks in a load of clothes being washed and wash them separately. This will prevent your clothes from smelling foul. Also, socks don’t go missing in the washing machine if you wash them separately with other socks. It’s a common struggle that socks tend to get lost when washed with huge articles of clothing. So, next time, save yourself from the pain of finding missing socks in the machine and simply wash them separately.

3. Leaving Shirts Buttoned

Under any circumstances, do not leave your button-up shirts to be washed with buttons closed. The reason why is because during washing, there is a lot of agitation and rolling around of clothes. Since the shirt buttons are loosely stitched onto the shirt, the slightest agitation can cause them to pop out. Also, they can cause ripping in the buttonholes and they can break the buttons too.

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4. Not Cleaning the Lint Filter

This is also a big mistake you should definitely avoid. It is necessary to clean out the lint collector after every laundry cycle because if not cleaned, the lint filter can become blocked and lead to a fire hazard. Also if the filter breaks, the lint can find its way back in the water and mix itself with other clothes, making it more hard for you to figure it how to get rid of the lint afterward.

5. Not Using an Antibacterial Laundry Detergent

Antibacterial laundry detergent is good to use if someone in the family has an infection or the flu. There are many bacteria-killing detergents out there, which kill the bacteria and clean your colored clothes simultaneously. For white articles of clothing, chlorine bleach is the best disinfectant. The best way to use these disinfectants is to just follow the directions.

6. Washing “Dry-Clean” Clothes in the Machine

Fabrics like linen, fibers and silk are instructed to be hand washed or simply air-dried. These fabrics bleed most of the times in their wash, so it is not a good idea to wash them in the washing machine. Also, the agitating washing machine can rip some of the delicate fabrics. Fabrics with embroidery, embellishment and sequins are also advised to be hand washed, because these fabrics can damage the internal parts of your machine.

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  • May 24, 2019