What Are the Different Types of Cleaning Services?

Below we have listed the types of cleaning services.

1. Residential Cleaning Services

These services offer cleaning in residential areas inside homes which include regular cleaning jobs from dusting, mopping, vacuuming, washing surfaces, polishing mirrors and so on. And business of residential cleaning services has much more potential if marketing is done using good tactics.

You can easily get clients once trust level is built and even expansion process is also much easier. You just need to hire some quality cleaner and have good quality equipment including buckets, mops, rags, solvents, ladder and anything which is necessary for house cleaning jobs.

2. Commercial Cleaning Services

It is a quite bigger version of residential cleaning which includes cleaning of offices, buildings, apartments and premises. It is usually done during weekends or on holidays when there could be least interruptions to have quality results.

But for commercial cleaning business, you must need to market yourself properly in the market by having a proper website and visiting cards. And of course, you will be required to make a small office as well when you can meet your clients and discuss the packages or offers you have for them. Your online presence and feedbacks are also very important as commercial cleaning is a huge business which requires a good enough market reputation.

3. Carpet Cleaning Services


Professional carpet cleaning services are limited to only carpet cleaning job, be it in a house of residential area and an office in the commercial area.

Carpeting is used everywhere and requires a lot of cleaning to stay away from dust and breathing issues. Professional carpet cleaning services assure the proper cleaning, treatments, deodorization and sanitization of your carpets with their professional tools, right machines, products and equipment.

4. Steam Cleaning Services

These companies offer the cleaning of upholstery furniture and filthy carpets using professional tools and cleaning kits. These services include a cleaning process which gives a completely brand new look to your furniture and carpet making a refreshing feel overall at your home or workplace. And this cleaning can only be done by experts who have the sound knowledge of treating the specific areas and processes required for that. Generally, the most common tool used in steam cleaning process is the heated carpet extractor which assures the deep and quality cleaning results.

5. Windows Cleaning Services


Quite similar to professional carpet cleaning services or any other one time cleaning service, these companies offer to clean the windows mostly for high rise building having all glassed walls. However, these cleaning services are also used for normal windows at homes and offices but their major chunk of business comes from those buildings who need professionals and experts to use specific tools and equipment to clean the windows from inside out at greater heights. And of course, these cleaners must have a proper license as cleaning windows at heights is a risky work and not everyone can be assigned to do that.

6. Washing Services

These companies offer washing services for different needs of homes and offices. This may include laundry and cars washing which have a high potential of business growth among all. You just need to have some basic equipment to fulfil the requirements of washing services.

  • May 30, 2019