How to Disciple Your Toddler

Disciplining your toddler is extremely necessary at an early age, otherwise, you are going to regret the rest of your life. Sorry, I am not scaring you but this is the fact that I have learned so far from my social circle.

When your infant becomes a toddler, their tiny brain makes everything ‘’discoverable” for them that comes their way, be it a pillow or a toy or any other random thing. So, let’s make their journey of discovering, a beautiful way of learning for them apart from just introducing a good German organic baby formula.

Fun with food

Yes, it sounds very messy but trusts me, this is fun! Allow them to play with their food but don’t prolong it much for your peace of mind.

  1. Keep their food-playing limited for the initial few minutes then convince them to stuff their mouth and make the gulping process a fun and exploring thing as well. After such few exercises, they’ll become habitual of eating after playing for a few minutes.
  2. Make them sit at one place during meal times. You can convince them by giving them a colorful chair or spreading toys over that particular area. It is very important for them to learn that they can’t roam around while eating and dining at one place is a part of life.
  3. Make your toddlers habitual of organic foods starting from weaning process so they don’t make it a battle for you to feed them healthy food. Same goes for milk, start Holle organic infant formula for toddlers which is easily available in the markets.

Avoid Shouting/Fighting

You need to practice it yourself if you want your kid to be a gentle person in the future. Kids learn from their parents so try not to shout or fight in front of your toddlers. Keep your personal matters away from the kids and try to be humble and playful with your kids as much as you can.

Talking in Louder Tone

Don’t talk in louder tones if your baby is not listening to you. Be patient, take a deep breath and try again. I know it is very difficult to control your anger when your kid is not listening to you but talking to them in a louder tone is not going to work either. It is going to make them even stiffer towards you so try to handle this situation humbly. Talk to them in a more lovable tone or maybe use the trick of some good storytelling techniques.

Reward them but Don’t Bribe Them

A very important things parent must learn is a difference between rewarding and bribing their kids. You can reward them with something they like whenever they do something good like listening to you or finish their food on time. But make sure they do not get used to of these rewards with that particular thing. Means, DO NOT reward them every time they perform the same thing except a kind of applause or appreciating them in front of all family members. Keep the reward for the next good deed they will do.

There are a lot more to be careful with. Good luck with bringing-up and disciplining your kids!

  • October 10, 2018