7 Ways You Can Market Your Business On Low Budget

Marketing agency Toronto recommends the strategy of ‘smart work’. Successfully managing a business is a very tedious task and you need to look out for extra expenses.

Check out the following ways to market your business on a low budget.

Friends and Family

This comes under the banner of ‘free marketing’. If you have developed a product, ask your friends to give you a shout out on social media as well as physically spread the word in their circles.

You can offer them incentives of reduced prices or be getting 1 product free if they buy 3 products.

Social Media

Social media can either make or break your business. There are more than two billion active monthly users on Facebook while Instagram has crossed the threshold of more active users than Twitter.

Nevertheless, the ‘big 3’ icons of social media are an effective platform for marketing.

Writing and Designing

A lot of people are hesitant to try a new product. Even if they are seeing an advertisement for a product, if they are not satisfied with the heart, they may not try or recommend your product.

Particularly speaking about social media, try to create user-friendly content in terms of content writing and graphic designing.

If you can link daily examples with popular questions about your product, it will have a long-lasting impact on your audience.

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Your job in marketing can get a lot easier if you can have a team of dedicated volunteers. You can pay them in the form of free tokens, food and discount offers.

Not only they will take care of social media, they can also physically market the product. One sound strategy is to get a city map and make note of all important city places. Place your team members in shopping malls, concert areas, regional exhibitions, and startups. You will be surprised to see the extent of positive reaction.

College Seminars

College seminars are a powerful way to generate awareness about a product. Find students who actively participate in societies and ask if they can arrange a seminar with a hefty audience.

Students, as well as professors, will listen to what you will say. Most seminars are free of cost so you won’t have to spend a dime talking about your product.

Organizing Competitions

People feel grateful when you do something for them. Organize fun competitions i.e. selfie, like – comment – share, all you can eat and ‘a minute to win’ competitions.

When people will indulge in exciting activities, indirectly they will market your brand whenever they will share the details with their friends and colleagues.

Digital Agency

A digital agency is an emerging business trend. For a limited budget, they will tend to your marketing needs.

Once you allow your marketing budget to a digital agency, you won’t have to spend yourself on smaller details. From the allotted budget, a digital agency will pay its employees who will actively participate in brand marketing.

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  • July 13, 2018