Tips for WordPress SEO

This article will basically discuss few of the most essential and vital tips that every single SEO expert of digital marketing agency should need to keep in mind. To know more in details, keep reading!


Whenever you are going to use WordPress for any of your blogging websites, you will need to ensure a couple of factors in the beginning. At first, you will need to choose such a WordPress theme which makes use of permalinks. This is very important. This indicates the links don’t change once you are done with updating the blog you have. It’s quite possible for anyone to check by taking a look at the URLs of the posts. If the address of the blog you have is followed by the “%posttitle%/” or title then there is no denying the fact that you are already making use of the permalinks. So by now, you shouldn’t have any more confusion about permalink. Let’s move on to the next step.

H1 Tag (Subheadings)

Now there is something more important in this part. Before going to post a new content or article on the WordPress blog you have, this is actually pretty much essential as well as vital for you to switch the HTML editor tab from the visual editor tab. In this case, you will need to ensure a couple of factors that would be really helpful for SEO. First of all, the heading tag should not be bigger than the H1 size. There are rules to create an H1 tag that you can find online. But to help you let me provide with that as well.

In order to create an H1 tag, at first, you need to type h1 and then enclosed it with a less than and greater than a symbol. But that’s the starting point. This is how one should need to use the tag. But you should need to close it as well and to close the H1 tag, just do the same thing like opening tag but you have to put a “/” before the h1. So it should be like </h1>

To help you know more in details, an ideal H1 tag should need to appear like below,


In between the opening and closing h1 tag, you can write anything you want. But when it comes to SEO, it’s always better to create benefit driven subheadings. Basically, there are a lot of benefits of using subheadings in the post. First of all, subheading can help the readers to find any particular point of your post. If you create a post of 2000 words, then don’t expect the visitors will go through that from top to bottom. Therefore using subheadings could be an excellent way to guide your readers about any particular point of the post. Even the world class SEO professionals of SEO optimization service suggest the exact same thing.

Second, as a digital marketing professional, aim for adding the targeted keywords into the subheadings. To be very honest, it has plenty of benefits. Any tag should need to have your targeted keyword.

So by now, you should have a pretty good knowledge about the benefits of using subheadings tags into the contents. So that’s all for today and many thanks for reading!

  • October 21, 2018