7 Snowboarding Essentials You Must Have

You’re finally ready to go about for an adventure in the mountains with snow and cold and lots of skiing or snowboarding?! Well, you aren’t completely ready unless and until you have the proper gear packed in those hefty little suitcases. If you’re going for the first time and probably would return after who knows when then it’s best to rent yourself some gear or buy used snowboard gear!

Top Essentials

Whether it’s used snowboard gear or a brand new one, make sure it contains all the items on the list we’re about to display. The missing of even one article can result in discomfort and a painful experience so good luck!

  1. Proper Clothes

You need proper snow coats or snow jackets to prevent yourself from cold in the mountains. Don’t settle for the usual jackets rather buy the ones specially designed for mountains and snow. If you’re cold then you cannot snowboard properly on the mountains at all.

  1. In Between

In between comprises of the layers of clothing between the upper coat and shirt and your pant. Sometimes, the weather turns into extra chilly so make sure you have an extra package. The in-between should not be cotton as they can suffocate you and will remain wet if you fall down in the snow which is inevitable!

The in-between should be soft and pure wool so that the wetness can be dried off easily and you have room to breathe in.

  1. Goggles

You need proper mountain goggles which you can rent up in the shops as well but its best to buy your own. They should be lightweight and adjustable to the light on the mountains.

  1. Snowboard

Again, you can rent this in the shops available in the mountains. Or if your snow trips aren’t going to be frequent then might as well buy a used one instead of paying lots for a new one. Either way, it’s your choice but you need a firm one.

  1. Binders

Most of the snowboards come with attached binders while some come separately. You can get either in the snow gear shops. Choose the one you can be most comfortable with.

  1. Snowboarding Boots

The most essential part of your new or used snowboard gear. The snowboarding boots whether used or rented or bought should be the type to fit your perfectly. Remember to discuss your snowboard level to the shopkeepers so that they can give you the best and accurate versions of boots. A wrong one can result in fatal injuries so be careful when choosing this one!

  1. Snow Gloves

Again, an essential part of the gear you would like to have unless you want to freeze your hand off. Buy yourself some proper gloves so that your hand can be warm and functional in the gloves.

Final Verdict

Without the proper gear, snowboarding adventure can be a very painful experience so before you run off to the cool wisps on the mountains, make sure you’re ready for it!

  • October 29, 2018