4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Hiking Boot

If you are a woman who loves hiking you would understand how much fun and exciting it is. Walking through the woods and enjoying the view of nature is very serene and peaceful. Alas! Your hiking boots have gotten ruined and you need a new one. Are you confused about which women’s hiking boots to choose? You need to choose hiking boots that are tough and has the right padding to protect your feet and ankle. Choosing a boot isn’t easy but it’s not tough if you understand a few concepts. Let’s talk about those elaborately so that you don’t face trouble for your next buy.

1. Styles

Hiking boots have different types of footwear depending on your trekking types such as hiking shoes, mountaineering boots etc. They function differently based on your level of adventures. If you do light trekking, you can go for light hiking shoes. These shoes are great for casual hikes or walk through the woods. They are perfect for day hiking or backpacking. Similarly, mountaineering boots are perfect for a heavy hiker with rocky or snowy terrains. They are designed to take a heavy load, keeping your feet protected. Backpacking boots are made for multi-day treks which are medium to low. Your first idea should be pointing out your hiking style and the shoes which suit them.

2. Materials

Now that you have selected your type, let’s move to the material. To get the best out of the boots, the boot material should be right. Wrong fabric material can make your feet feel uncomfortable. Choose breathable materials, this keeps your feet dry and healthy. Try women’s hiking boots which are made of nylon or polyester. They are water-resistant and dry faster. Choosing full leathered boots are favorable for hiking up the mountains because they are tough and durable.

3. Cuts

Hiking boots come in different cuts and you should choose a boot based on the cuts. The wrong cut can injure your ankle or pebbles can get into your shoes. There are cuts to consider to get the most out of the boot. The low cut is similar to running shoes. They are lightweight and are good for light or casual hiking. Whereas mid-cut boots offer support and balance and are great for backpacking. High-cut gives ankle support and is best for a more adventurous and risky journey.

4. Size

No matter how strong or cute women’s hiking boots are if the size doesn’t fit you won’t get any benefits out of them. So, you need to try the size first. The right boot should fit tight around the balls of your feet, keeping your heel stays in place. Your boot’s toe box should have enough room for your toe and fingers to fit in. If your boot isn’t fit enough it can cause blisters which can be very painful. Always wear trail socks for hiking. This ensures comfort and fit. Inquire about the socks, lacings and soles as they also play major roles for a comfortable hike.


Unlike the women’s rain jackets, if you are confused about which brand to choose, don’t just run for an expensive brand. See if they fit your criteria. If you are still confused, you can check women’s hiking boots reviews to compare and choose the best boots for you.

  • June 29, 2020