Tips To Choose the Best Compass for Day Hiking

When you’re hiking, some of the most useful and common things are a compass and map. Also, you should have navigational skills along with these things. If you have a compass with you, it’ll tell you where you’re right now.

Moreover, this is a great way to find the way wherever you like to go. You might be lost on some trail where there is no service of cell or GPS device. In this situation, a map and a compass are the right things to ensure you return you home safely.

But, how may you comprehend which one is the best compass for day hiking for you? That’s why we’re with this content. It’ll help you choose the best compass for hiking purposes.

Analog vs. Digital

When it comes to digital compass, it comes with lots of perks. Among the other features, the hiking watch is the most common one in the digital compass. But, the question is: whether it’s the right tool for you or not. Digital compass comes with battery power.

So, you should be ready to charge the battery or change it with the new one. That means the device can fail if you forget to take its battery with it. Thus, it may leave you with no navigation tool when you require that most.

Besides, analog compasses don’t come with a power source. So, you can use and store an analog compass for months to years. And it’ll still work. As a result, you have to choose wisely from the analog and digital versions of compasses.

Global Needle

An analog compass can’t work anywhere on the earth. Some of the compasses have adjusted for the magnetic discrepancy in a meticulous hemisphere. If you take a US adjusted compass to Australia, you’ll find its needle sticks and drags.

So, look for ensuring a global needle if you have made a plan to use the compass all over the globe. When it comes to global needles, they have been designed for the changes in magnetic discrepancies. Regardless of where in the earth you finish up on a trail, these compasses execute fruitfully.


The compass is crucial protection against losing yourself on a trip. You could find yourself stuck in a secure situation if it fails right where you need it. If you walk in high altitudes or poor weather, you need a lasting compass.

Make sure you pick a model that is long enough to endure everything you go. Want more options to find your hiking route? See the Best HikingGPS for instructions on how to find the best handheld GPS for your walk.

Luminosity & Backlighting

You’re going to navigate at night? If the answer is yes, your compass in the dark would have to be clear. Check for versions that are backlit or light-filled on the compass rim. These features help you to see your compass without using a flashlight continuously.

Sighting Mirror

A mirror helps you to see your compass and setting simultaneously. This functionality allows more precise compass readings and is suitable for advanced navigation. In an emergency case, the mirror may be used as a bonus.

  • January 25, 2021