What to Look for When You Take an Furnished Apartment Tour?

Apartment hunting is fun and what is even better is when you get the chance to tour the shortlisted apartments in order to make your final choice! It is super fun and exciting to check out new places and potentially fantasize yourself living in one of the chic places! But let’s pop your bubble for a while and bring you back to reality. Going on an apartment tour is not all fun but a little daunting too as there are so many things you have to consider prior to making a final choice.

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So, below are things to check when taking an apartment tour.

  1. Windows and Door Locks

Get a huge list of Channelview Furnished Apartments, that tells you about everything you should look for when you take an apartment tour. Amongst the all minor and major things – there is one very interesting thing listed on the checklist i.e. windows and doors locks. This is the first step towards your security and something that you should never miss out on. If the locks are not working, you will need to replace them or request for lock fixes before you can move in.

  1. Closets and Wardrobes Space

Another very important thing you should look for is the available storage space on the closets and cupboards. This is crucial. Some apartments have reasonably sized closets whilst some wardrobes in the flats are very miniature. If you are a shopaholic and have a lot of clothing, accessories and other personal items to store – you will need a closet that is reasonably sized.

  1. Exposure to Sun

A very uncommon factor that most people never take into consideration is the exposure of the apartment to the sun. This translates directly into how moderate temperature or hot your apartment would be if it is directly exposed to sunlight.

  1. Water Pressure in Pipes and Ducts

You do not want to move into an apartment that runs out of the water whilst you are in the shower covered in soap and shampoo. Some apartments have that water pressure problem. Make sure that the water pressure in the pipes and ducts of the apartment is adequate.

  1. Bedroom Sizes

Of course, you need to take the size of your bedroom into consideration. The size of the bedrooms in the apartment can be very small as apartments are mostly built to be compact. However, it should not be so small that it looks more like a storeroom than a bedroom.

  1. Parking Area

Everything you need to consider about the apartment is not only about the inside of the flat but sometimes also about the surroundings like the neighborhood and parking area. A good apartment is in a building with personal parking space for all the residents. You wouldn’t want to park your vehicle unprotected in a new neighborhood.

  • Updated May 20, 2018