Advantages of Using Drones for Aerial Surveying

A drone is referred to as an aircraft or a spacecraft without a pilot. It is also called an “unmanned aerial vehicle” (UAV). A drone is an invention of the 20th century, the first modern drone was introduced to the world in 1935 and since then drones are being developed every day.

Nowadays we have powerful drones like DJI MATRICE300 RTK and DJI phantom 4 RTK drones which can be used heavily for aerial surveying.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using drone surveying services.

Drones save time

Some places are tough to survey for men, because of different weather conditions, geographic locations, and financial limitations. Drones can help people to get rid of these problems and help to conduct a perfect survey. They can reduce time and also save a lot of money

Data accuracy

Drones can capture clear images from a high altitude. Besides, these unmanned vehicles are also able to capture images from different angles. So one can have more than 100 images from different angles which helps to provide data much accurately with a high amount of details.

Take for example DJI phantom4 RTK, this is a drone with 4k resolution at 30 FPS. This can be used to capture landscape images, construction site images where details are very important, real estate sector, etc.

Reduce risks

Drones help surveyors to analyze places that are risky for people. Drones can go to places where it is almost impossible for general people to go. Such as high mountains, hills covered with snow, war field, etc.

The DJI Matrice RTK is very tough built and works smartly. It can go to dangerous places where the weather is not friendly such as mountains or places with heavy rainfall. Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik-B is a powerful military drone used in war.


Maximum drones are used in the transportation sector. Delivery drones as emerging technologies are among the most intensely discussed topics. The freight drones which are used for transportation of parcels and goods DJI Mavic air 2 is one of the best as a freight drone.

Then there is the passenger drone or flying cars which carry passengers from place to places, EHANG 184 is one kind of passenger drone. Then we have the ambulance drone which carries first aid and other basic medical equipment, HQ-40 is one of the best ambulance drones.

Issues with Drones

As drones are getting popular day by day, almost everybody can lay their hands on them. So it needs to be used in a way that won’t break anyone’s privacy, this is the major problem for drone usage.

Drones are a combination of electrical and mechanical engineering. Some components in the drone may cause some fatalities to people if crashed. It is a matter of people’s safety, so one always has to double-check before flying a drone.

There are some places where a flying drone is banned by the government, most of the Asian countries and also in some places in America, Europe drones are banned.

Keep these issues in mind before choosing your drone service providers for your project.

  • January 16, 2021