Why Recent Smartphones Are Coming with Multiple Cameras?

The megapixel war is going on for forever now, but now that it has hit a plateau – there is a new trend that is becoming normal, multiple cameras. There have been rumors about a Nokia smartphone coming up with nine cameras. This can take the mobile photography game to the next level. But why? Why is there a need of dual cameras or multiple cameras? There are many reasons even if they are that apparent. Let’s see what is so great about having multiple cameras in your phone.

  1. The More the Merrier

Two is company three is the crowd, but when it comes to the camera of the smartphone, it’s the more the merrier. Different cameras are better at different things… gather them together and you will get the perfect result.

One can give you clarity, other will add the color, hence giving you the result of a DSLR. With specialized image processing, you can coordinate two lenses and capture a masterpiece. The multiple cameras will come in handy with the Wizard of Oz approach as well, that is: the cameras will take pictures in color and monochrome images which means that a single photo that takes the color data from one to enhance the sharp detail of other.

  1. Double Zoom Option

Phone cameras have everything from good color to great clarity, but what they don’t have is a decent zoom. Zoom photography requires miniaturized electronics and optics, and a phone body can’t accommodate it, hence multiple cameras. Using multiple cameras can eliminate this issue, setting the second lens at farther zoom option that is, “2x” can give you a decent enough zoom. Bear in mind that the zoom won’t be DSLR quality but it will be better than the ordinary zoom that you get with a single lens. You can check out some great multiple camera smartphones with 12 month phone plans.

  1. Features Other Than Photography

After reading all the about information, if you think multiple cameras are all for photography and nothing else, then you are mistaken. Multiple cameras have other useful features as well, such as precise 3D mapping, augmented reality and face & scene recognition.

Most people only use their cameras only to capture moments, but cameras do so much. With the aid of different apps, the camera can do thermal imaging, translate foreign text, constellation identifying and breaking down of baseball players shots.

The future holds very exciting possibilities regarding camera photography and having multiple cameras, like Nokia, Huawei is also planning to add four cameras to your phone. It excites that I won’t have to lunge my heavy camera and multiple senses to take one decent shot of sunset or sunrise on a picnic. Samsung’s isn’t far behind either, next year or probably the year after S10+ will have a total of 5 front and back cameras, this means better selfies, better face recognition lock, and better security for the front camera, the back camera will support two cameras will more than 100 megapixel quality and 3x zoom option. Check the best 12 months iPhone 5S unlimited data plans for getting the best camera phone.

  • November 7, 2018