Why is the Disneyland Paris One of the Best Attractions for Tourists?

Disneyland, the most iconic of places, itself is just a wonder to stand and stare and admire its beauty. If you are one of the lucky ones to get a chance to visit Disneyland Paris, then you should definitely do your thorough research so that you do not miss out on anything important and worth visiting and then regret afterward. Listed below are the tops things which you should not miss when you visit Disneyland Paris. Note them down in your itinerary and have a blast.

1. Disneyland Parade

This is something you surely don't want to miss. The parade starts at 5 pm every day and make sure to reach at least half an hour before so that you can get a good spot to view the parade. You will see all the amazing characters of Disney with some new ones such as Frozen as well.

2. Disney Illuminations Night Show

This is something that will make you want to preserve in your memory forever. This happens every night at the closing tome of the park. The spectacular show involves fireworks, light and laser projections, water fountains, different colors fire and even more. It also uses some of the famous Disney characters and movies such as the peter pan, the pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and many others as well.

3. It’s A Small World Ride

The most sensational ride in the whole of Disney, the animations and its construction is so perfect that you will fall in love with it. Favorite of children and adults alike.

4. The Toy Story Land

This is a recent addition to Disneyland. It’s a small park on its own based on the famous Disney movie The Toy Story. It is made with all the toys in Andy’s room from the movie and big Buzz Lightyear and Woody. In this land are many rides which all are a must visit.

5. Tower of Terror

This is based on a famous horror movie. They will take you to a hotel and narrate a story where all the people of the hotel went in the elevator and never came back. The narration is amazing that you will actually feel you will also never come back. The elevator will take you on all the floors till the top when it will suddenly drop. It is the most enjoyable experience. It will go up and down at a fast pace.

These were some of the attractions above but the main thing you would want to know is how to travel to Disneyland Paris. Depending on the country or city you live in you can search accordingly on the internet how to travel to Disneyland Paris. If you live far then the best way for you will be flight and if you are within the country then you can also travel by train.

Once you reach Paris, it is advisable to stay near to the Disneyland or you can also stay at their resorts. Alternatively if you book any professional Paris car booking service company in advance, then it really doesn't matter whether you stay at nearby area of Disneyland or not. You can search on how to travel to Disneyland Paris according to your country and budget.

  • May 20, 2018